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Booking a Cremation

If you are looking to book a cremation your funeral director will make sure we receive the necessary forms and help you with booking the funeral arrangements.

Before a cremation can take place, the cause of death needs to be established. The following forms from the funeral director or crematorium have to be completed:

  • Application form (form 1) signed by the next of kin or executor
  • The cremation certificate (known as form 4) is signed by a doctor (there is a fee for this certificate - this is arranged through your funeral director)

  • Form 4 is not needed if the death is referred to the coroner and instead you will get the certificate for cremation (form 6) and a certificate signed by the medical referee at the crematorium (form 10).

Our short guide explains some of the choices available to you:

Arranging a burial or cremation (PDF) [591KB]

Cremation services are available at the following crematoria:

  • Weston Mill Crematorium (seats 100 with space for standing)
  • Efford Crematorium (seats 70 with space for standing)

Apply for a cremation

Usually this will be done via your funeral director however, the forms can be viewed here:

Notice of cremation (PDF) [78KB] (opens new window)

Application for cremation (Cremation Form 1) (PDF) [940KB] (opens new window)

Application for cremation of body parts (Cremation Form 2) (PDF) [146KB] (opens new window)

Application for cremation of stillborn baby (Cremation Form 3) (PDF) [107KB] (opens new window)

Medical certificate (Cremation Form 4) (PDF) [272KB] (opens new window)

Notice of Interment

    Notice of Interment - Cremated Remains (PDF) [81KB]

The service

Services in the chapel are booked at 45 minute intervals from 9.15am to 3.30pm (finishing by 4.00 pm) Monday to Friday.

The time allowed in the chapel is 30 minutes. The remaining 15 minutes is used for the entry and exit of the mourners, the removal of the coffin and viewing floral tributes. We also offer an hour long service (45 minutes in the chapel) every day at 12.15pm.

The content of the service can be made up of poems, prayers, hymns, personal music and tributes about the person.

Viewings of the chapel can be arranged.

Our Bereavement Service Staff are available to discuss any queries you may have.

Email (opens new window) or call 01752 307770. The office opening hours are 10.00am - 3.00pm Monday to Friday.

The grounds are open 365 days a year so have a look around them at your leisure.

The committal

While the service is in progress the coffin rests on the catafalque (a platform on which the coffin is placed). The committal ceremony usually takes place towards the end of the service. At this point the curtains are usually closed and the coffin remains where it rests until all the mourners have left the chapel.

You may request that the curtains aren't closed, although the words of committal will still be said. If the coffin curtains aren't closed the coffin will remain in sight for the duration of the service.

If you wish to witness the committal you'll need to inform us when you book the cremation so we can make the necessary arrangements.

At the end of the cremation service when the exit music is being played, the funeral director will direct mourners to where the floral tributes are on display.

The flowers will remain there for viewing for five days.

The cremation

The cremation is usually carried out shortly after the service and always within 24 hours of the funeral. Each cremation is carried out separately and the coffin is cremated with the body.

All the ashes are removed before the next cremation and an identity card is used throughout to ensure correct identification.

The ashes will be ready for collection (normally from your funeral director) on the next working day. If you need them on the same day then your service will need to be in the morning.

The Ashes

The ashes can be scattered in a garden of remembrance, buried in a churchyard or cemetery, or kept. We offer a wide range of memorial options for your loved ones ashes including on-site memorials and personalised options to take home or keep with you.

There is no need to make a hurried decision about any memorials or the final resting place of the ashes as we can look after them for you for up to one month to give you time to consider.

If no wishes have been expressed, the funeral director or crematorium staff will contact the relative to discuss.

Consent for interment/scattering of cremated remains in a reopened/new grave (PDF) [73KB]

Consent for interment of cremated remains in a new/reopened sanctum vault (PDF) [69KB]