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Book of Remembrance

Our Books of Remembrance provide a permanent memorial with beautiful hand painted artwork.

The Book of Remembrance is displayed in a glass covered cabinet within the Book of Remembrance Room and provides a simple and lasting memorial. The book contains two pages for each day of the year and you decide which date the entry is to appear on (usually the date of death). Entries can be between two and eight lines and entries of five lines or more can include a design. Applications for an inscription will need to be received at least five months before the date of entry. There are communal vases within the room where you are welcome to place cut flowers.

Books of Remembrance Online

View the Books of Remembrance online for the following locations:

Weston Mill Book of Remembrance  Efford Crematorium Book of Remembrance

Books of Remembrance inscription

It is possible to order personal copies of an inscription for you to keep or to send to family or friends in the form of a card or miniature book.


Inscription in Book of Remembrance, on a memorial card, on a folded Remembrance card or in a miniature book

  • £88 for a 2 line entry
  • £99 for a 3 line entry
  • £110 for a 4 line entry
  • £121 for a 5 line entry, £220 with a design
  • £132 for a 6 line entry, £231 with a design
  • £143 for a 7 line entry, £242 with a design
  • £154 for a 8 line entry, £253 with a design
  • £33 for a miniature book plus the cost set out above

Memorial application

Book of Remembrance application form (PDF) [76KB] (opens new window)